Transitional Kindergarten

Age Groups

The Pre-K to Kindergarten transition class at HTLM is for children 4 years old that will transition to 5 year olds during the school year. This program helps those kids transitioning develop the needed academic skills to be ready for Kindergarten.

Personal Attention

Transitional Kindergarten classes have lower limits than State standards for the number of students allowed per teacher. Our staff provides a safe and secure environment filled with exciting activities to further your child's development.

We Value the Health and Safety of Your Child

As part of our COVID-19 policy, we daily check the temperature of all students and staff prior to entering the facility. Staff members wear face masks and follow the recommended CDC guidelines for hygiene and surface safety. The entire facility features a hospital grade air purification system which eliminates mold, bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces. Our staff is also certified each school year in first aid and CPR.

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